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If you write desktop applications in .NET and you use your proprietary file extensions, it's always handy to associate that extension with your application. Unfortunately, the .NET framework does not provide an interface to do this. That's why we made the FileAssociation class.

The FileAssociation class implements an easy to use interface to add registry entries that associate your program with a specific file extension. For instance, if you associate your program with the file extension '.txt', your program will be executed whenever the user double clicks a text file in explorer.

This class is available for C# and VB.NET; it can be compiled to a .NET module or library to be used in other .NET languages.
This class does not work on non-windows platforms.

Download (23.5 Kb) (Nuremberg, Germany)


  Version History

v1.0 Initial release.2002/04/22
v1.1 Small bug fix.2003/05/23



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