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System.Windows.Forms is quite a comprehensive namespace that contains managed classes for most of the common Windows dialogs (open file dialog, print dialog, etc.), however one important common dialog is missing from that class library and that's the 'browse for folder' dialog. If you need to use this dialog in one of your applications, this poses a problem, of course.

The Org.Mentalis.Utilities.DirectoryDialog namespace offers a managed interface to the browse for folder dialog. Under the covers it makes some calls to the Windows API, but the class acts exactly the same as the managed implementations of the other common dialogs.

This class is available in C# and VB.NET; it can be compiled to .NET modules or libraries to be used in other .NET languages. Since it relies on the Windows API, it will not work under Linux or FreeBSD.

Download (31.9 Kb) (Nuremberg, Germany)


  Version History

v1.0 Initial release.2002/04/16
v1.0 Added VB.NET port.2002/04/24



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