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When I was writing a test application for our SecureSocket library, I needed to parse a URL into its components. I quickly wrote a small class to handle this and decided to put it online so other people that need to parse URLs too don't need to reinvent the wheel.

The Url class constructor takes a string URL and parses it into its different components, which can then be accessed trough several properties of the generated Url object.

This class is available for C# and VB.NET; it can be compiled to a .NET module or library to be used in other .NET languages. It should compile and work perfectly on Linux and FreeBSD.

Download (21.7 Kb) (Nuremberg, Germany)


  Version History

v1.0 Initial release.2002/10/28
v1.1 Small bug fix and added default port numbers for well known protocols.2003/02/19



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