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Proxy with ssl support - question


by Marcin [ochocki at poczta dot fm]
posted on 2008/07/08


I would like to use Mentalis Proxy to proxy HTTPS traffic between webservice client ( and remote webservice server. Which of these configuration is correct:
1. Client -http-> Proxy -https-> Server
2. Client -https-> Proxy -https-> Server?

I assumed option 2 but I\'m not sure if I am correct. Are there any configuration changes or other actions needed to proxy HTTPS traffic?

Thanx in advance

by Thomas [Thomas dot Schneider01 at t-systems dot com]
posted on 2009/09/23


I resolved the problem by an un-encrypted connection to the proxy using the CONNECT method as the following:

1.) Establishing a \"SecureSocket\" connection to the proxy using the \"
SecureProtocol\" option \"SecureProtocol.None\".

2.) CONNECT method to target system will deliver a \"ok\" from the proxy:

string connect= \"CONNECT <IP server>:<Port server> HTTP/1.0\\r\\n\";
connect+= \"Host: <IP server>:<Port server>\\r\\n\\r\\n\";

3.) Changing the encryption to SSL or TSL


I hope this helps.


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